Jack Paine – University of Rochester Political Science, jackpaine@rochester.edu

​​​​​​Under Review

The Great Revenue Divergence 

R&R at International Organization (with Alexander Lee)​​


A Theory of External Wars and European Parliaments 

R&R at International Organization (with Brenton Kenkel)


Power Sharing and Authoritarian Stability: How Rebel Regimes Solve the Guardianship Dilemma

R&R at American Political Science Review (with Anne Meng) ​​


Book Manuscript


Colonial Origins of Democracy and Dictatorship  (with Alexander Lee)


Working Papers

Despotism in Africa: Centralized or Decentralized?  (with Jutta Bolt, Leigh Gardner, and James Robinson)

​Authoritarian Power Sharing: Concepts, Mechanisms, and Strategies

(with Anne Meng and Robert Powell)

In preparation for the Annual Review of Political Science

Endogenous Colonial Borders: Precolonial States and Geography in the Partition of Africa

(with Xiaoyan Qiu and Joan Ricart-Huguet)

Countermajoritarian Institutions and Self-Subverting Democracy (with Gretchen Helmke)

Autocratization (with Anne Meng)

​Historical Statehood and Civil War Aims Across World Regions