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Under Review

The Dictator's Power-Sharing Dilemma: Countering Elite and External Threats​, R&R at

American Journal of Political Science

The Great Revenue Divergence ​(with Alexander Lee)

A Theory of Strategic Civil War Aims: Explaining the Mixed Oil-Conflict Curse​

The Loyalty-Efficiency Tradeoff in Authoritarian Repression

Book Manuscript

Elections under Colonialism (with Alexander Lee)

Working Papers and Work in Progress

Historical Origins of Modern Ethnic Violence: Pre-Colonial States and Separatist Civil Wars 

Exploiting Asymmetries: A Theory of Democratic Constitutional Hardball 

(with Gretchen Helmke and Mary Kroeger)

The Repression-Revolution Dilemma

Threatening, Building, and Constraining the State 
(with Brenton Kenkel)

Ideological Polarization and Externalized Civil War: Evidence from Post-World War II Africa 

(with Philip Roessler)