Jack Paine – University of Rochester Political Science, jackpaine@rochester.edu

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Ethnic Violence in Africa: Destructive Legacies of Pre-Colonial States
Accepted, International Organization

Redistributive Political Transitions: Minority Rule and Liberation Wars in Colonial Africa

Journal of Politics, 2019, 81(2): 505-523.

Democratic Contradictions in European Settler Colonies
Accepted, World Politics

Economic Grievances and Civil War: An Application to the Resource Curse
Forthcoming, International Studies Quarterly

What Were the Consequences of Decolonization? (with Alexander Lee)
Forthcoming, International Studies Quarterly

British Colonialism and Democracy: Divergent Inheritances and Diminishing Legacies 
(with Alexander Lee) Forthcoming, Journal of Comparative Economics

Qualitative Investigation of Theoretical Models: The Value of Process Tracing  

(with Peter Lorentzen and M. Taylor Fravel)

Journal of Theoretical Politics,  2017, 29(3): 467-491. LIST OF FORMAL THEORY ARTICLES

Rethinking the Conflict Resource Curse: How Oil Wealth Prevents Center-Seeking Civil Wars

International Organization, 2016, 70(4): 727-761. APPENDIX

Set-Theoretic Comparative Methods (STCM): Less Distinctive Than Claimed

Comparative Political Studies, 2016, 49(6): 703-741.

Invited Submissions

Uses and Abuses of Formal Models in Political Science  (with Scott A. Tyson)

Prepared for the SAGE Handbook of Political Science: A Global Perspective 

Still Searching for the Value-Added: Persistent Concerns about Set-Theoretic Comparative Methods

Comparative Political Studies, 2016, 49(6): 793-800.

Under Review

The Great Revenue Divergence ​(with Alexander Lee)

A Theory of Strategic Civil War Aims: Explaining the Mixed Oil-Conflict Curse​

The Dictator's Power-Sharing Dilemma: Countering Elite and External Threats​

Working Papers

Crafting the Dictator's Military: Loyalty, Efficiency, and the Guardianship Dilemma

The Repression-Revolution Dilemma